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Make your game with gravity accelerometer and more
Gravity accelerometer 3D simulation
Use for Raspberry Pi same time

RPi-Spark is a pHat board of Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi and make more fun!

Easy to use
We have provided drivers and SDK framework, let you use python to develop, easy, quick and power. At the same time we also provided a CLI interface that you can use your favorite languages, like Bash Script, Node.js, Java, PHP, C/C++, Basic, Pascal and so all. Learning more ...
Blocks programing
RPi-Spark supports building from block programming, allowing you to realize great ideas faster! Try it now ...
Have fun
The RPi-Spark make learning Python fun. Also you can use it to make your own games, music player, alarm clock, remote control cars, balance cars, motion detectors, home smart controllers and more interesting things. Learning more ...
Easy to extend
The RPi-Spark already has some interesting sensors and components, and is ready to expand more sensors and features, you make connect more sensors and devices with I2C, SPI and UART, its will so easier. Learning more ...



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