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RPi-Spark is a pHAT that let you to easy and fast to build interesting applications with GPIO of Raspberry Pi.

( Use building block programming to easily implement your great ideas! Get started now Or read our tutorial to create powerful applications, the complete tutorial is here turorial. At the same time, we designed a beautiful box for RPi-Spark that can hold a Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W, an RPi-Spark, and a Camera. It can be easily printed out using a 3D printer. )

Key Features

Spark Shield:




RPi-Spark v1.1 Pinout

  • RPi-Spark GPIO's number is physical number of 40 pins and labeled PIN function of BCM mode.
  • 15-SWA and 16-SWB connect buttons A and B respectively. Simply wire to ground and you will get the same effect as pressing button A or B.

Blocks programing

Online Blocks programing



How to install pHAT:

RPi-Spark for Pi Zero/Zero W

RPi-Spark for P

How to install Drives and SDK:

  • JMRPi.Spark is Drives of RPi-Spark
  • JMRPi.Foundations is SDK for RPi-Spark

SDK Manuals:

Drive Example:

RPi-Spark Box 3D Model:

RPi-Spark v1.1 Box

Getting start here turorial

Block programing Get started now